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Studentnomic School[App]

Why Choose a School App?

Now you only have to ask "who leaves home without a smartphone?" to understand why it makes sense to engage and communicate with parents and students on the devices they use most.

Here's how a School App can help with Ofsted.

Ofsted + School Apps

Powering School Mobile Apps

Studentnomic School App Communication


We know just how difficult it can be to make sure that parents don't just see communication but act on it too, which is why with in-app mailboxes, notifications and alerts we make great school communication effortless.

Studentnomic School App


Keep school-parent administration simple with self-contained in-app forms, calendars, inboxes and more. Ensure that parents never miss a thing with a central school app.

Studentnomic School App


Ofsted is forever putting more and more of a focus on parental and student engagement. Our apps make it easy for schools to share what's going on in school life from school news to the latest school trip pictures.

What Type of School?

See how we can help you specifically.

Features you actually need, and you'll actually use.

School[App] Features

Communication Toolkit

All the communication tools you need to create the ultimate school app and engagement tool. Learn more.

Multi-Media Toolkit

Every multi-media feature you can think of from galleries and videos to create an engaging app. Learn more.

Administration Toolkit

Streamline administrative processes and keep things simple with our Administration Toolkit. Learn more.

Standard App Features

School App includes everything you would expect when creating an app and stops at nothing less. Learn more.

Design Features

Make your app unique and reflect your school brand through simple and easy to use design features. Learn more.

Distribute & Publish

Make it easy to get parents and students using your app and distribute on the App Store and Google Play. Learn more.

New: Workshop Program for Schools


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